Love Melodies In khaze Great poetical works

a�?Love Melodiesa�?

In khaze Great poetical works

From Dear Mr. Sadra Zualryastyn Shirazia??s point of view,

A� A capable master and wise scholar:


Again about Love

On the page of a�?on the booka��s wingsa�?, which is about the first volume of Ayatollah Al-Ozma Shams Al-din Najafia��s poems named a�?Love Manifestationsa�?, I wrote:

At this notable book, we see pleasant and fluent poems about monotheism which are rooted in series of monotheistic poets such as Sanai- Attar- Iraqi and even Jalaluddin Balkhi and Shamseddin Mohammad Hafez Shirazi.

Also, I wrote at the same note:

a�?Khazea�? poetry collection is full of life-giving fragrance and voluminous attitude about Origin and Resurrection. In continuity of poets such as Sanai, Attar, Nizami, Saadi, Molavi or Rumi, Iraqi, Hafez and so on, and poets a little closer to our century such as, Hatef Esfahani and Muhtasham Kashani, we see that they are poets who speak about divinity and seeking God. Not only these poets, but also most of the Persian poets relatively in a noticeable part of their poems, have been courteous and humble in front of forever and ever poet (God). And according to Sanai, they have praised a�?Goda�?: a�?God, I praise you, because you are God and innocenta�?.

The honorable Mojtahed of this time, whose title is a�?khazea�?, loves the Creator and uses his poetic talent for writing such poetries.

The second volume of a�?khazea�? Great poetical works, which is something close to eight hundred pages, has been published with title of a�?Love Melodiesa�? by Allameh Helli Writers Publishing House and RASSOL AKRAM Library, and has a�?research and study investigation groupa�? introduction and footnotes.

Honestly, the second volume of khaze Great poetical works, like the first book, is a hive full of nectar which saturates reader. And undoubtedly, this ornamented volume, also like the first volume, will get to next prints because it has its own readers who are plenteous.

At last, I need to thank a friend, Professor Mansour Paymard, a researcher and Shirazi mystic poet, who has helped to have honor of receiving two volumes of khaze Great poetical works.

Joiner celebration

Barkeeper got information about us,

It seems that the time of immemorial talk came true.

The companion bird of sweetheart love, from the above of spirit,

Went to climax and sat on the top of Soraya.

By considering his friendship, we get happy,

We are happier because he noticed to our surrender.

Aflame because the sweetheart with a light torch,

Sparked lovera��s heart with a meteor.

A clever did not get aware, except he himself,

Died at his way and got insight light.

We are not wise, neither devout nor ascetic, but

He made favor and validated our intelligence.

Farhad axed in favor of following desire,

Majnon got his dream come true by sorrowing a lot.

Every claimer became unfamiliar to love who went

And got another wine and glass from another hand.

Luck and fortune of sweet-spoken parrot increased,

Because it got so many sweetness from master kindness. A�A�

Cage space was never enough for wings and feathers (gaining strength),

In his trap, our pigeon gained strength.

Warblers in the meadow,

Celebrated the flower joiner when the breeze was dawn.

a�?khazea�?, didna��t take away someonea��s cloak, an unmarked friend,

His cooper breath became gold with his alchemy.



The mood of anchorites

Day and night and hours followed one another,

Every moment passed and life and youth came to the end.

We lost what was the reason of desire,

Huge greed, voracity and anxiety were ineffective.

Except God, cute sweetheart and beloved,

Everywhere we viewed, was ineffective.

O friend, the beauty of who you were and who you are,

Caused times lovers came needy everywhere.

By following you, o beautiful and charming sweetheart,

This lover passed every sea and came out.

If this amorous heart likes others?

By your promise, also came from heaven honorably.

A devotee didna��t praise what others praised,

He was unaware of the happy mood of anchorites.

Involved in your look, like me who is very cheerful,

When one of these all came from it?

From yemen of your bowl, everyone who is survivor of wisdom,

Got passion from wine and became mystic.

If a�?khazea�? doesna��t whisper love, what he does?

In his fate circle, this became a single jewel.A� A�



Shiraz- NimNegah newspaper- number/ 2724- page 5

A�16 O�U?O� 1428 2007 March 6

a�?Love Melodiesa�? from a�?Sadraa�?a??s point of view





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